Payments and Money Transfers shouldn’t be difficult or limited by cost

Sokin is a leading financial service provider that enables global payments for both consumers and businesses. Sokin believes in giving you the power to make payments and transfer money as many times as you want per month! Whether it’s sending money back home or transfers to friends or even settling with businesses using Sokin, our innovative process makes the task quick and easy.

Sokin delivers global payments for a fixed fee, is commission and hassle free!

Transferring money internationally is complicated and expensive. Sometimes there is a lack of transparency in the fees you pay. With our transparent fixed monthly costs, for businesses and consumers, there are no hidden charges. You will not have to spend hours researching the best rates!

Our cost effective solution is simple to understand: One Monthly Fee. This will to allow you to make payments in over 200 countries and the ability to exchange money in over 150 countries in over 35 different currencies. Sokin can also transfer any currency into any bank account in China within 2 hours excluding weekends and Chinese bank holidays.

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Our services are trusted all over the world. We bring you instant transfers to over 150 countries and up to 35+ currencies to choose from.


Offering fees that are up to 50% better than the market, Sokin believes in complete transparency when it comes to fees. All you have to do is pay one single monthly fee!


All global transfers are processed and received within SECONDS—not hours or days!


Using our own secure blockchain infrastructure – Sokin is one of the most secure regulated blockchain remittance companies in the world!