Global Payments Fixed Fee

Commission Free Hassle Free

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Fixed Fee

  • Free & subscription based Accounts with Sokin
  • Spend with instant notifications
  • Travel with Sokin in 200+ countries with no exchange rate mark ups
  • Sokin Card available in 75+ countries with Sokin Wallets available in 150+ Countries

Commission Free

  • Unlimited Money Transfers in 35+ Currencies
  • Send Money instantly to 150+ Countries
  • NO FX Mark up
    NO Transaction Fees
    NO Commission Fee
  • Settle with friends, family and other Sokin Business Users anywhere in the world

Hassle Free

  • Speed – Sokin offers instant settlements. We mean instant and you will not have to wait two days.
  • Security – ability to instantly block card activity from fraudulent activity
  • Sokin uses it's own blockchain security to ensure you are kept safe
  • Sokin has partnered with the most reputable and regulated institutions globally to ensure your money is always SAFE


  • Sokin Card available in 75+ countries
  • Send money to any Chinese bank account within 2 hours (excluding holidays and weekends)
  • Over 200 alternative payment methods across every country, including Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Sokin is powered by its offices in 10 countries

Price Plan

  • Free When Receiving Money
  • Free Virtual Wallet
  • Free IBAN Account
  • Free Card
One Monthly Fee
  • Send money to 150+ countries
  • Exchange 35+ Currencies
  • Multiple Payment methods
  • No limit on Withdrawals to external bank account
price plan
One Monthly Fee
Free when receiving moneyYesYes
Free virtual walletYesYes
Free IBAN accountYesYes
Free CardYesYes
Send money to 150+ countries-Yes
Exchange 35+ currencies-Yes
Priority customer support-Yes
Access to e-gift cards on every transfer-Yes
No limit on withdrawals to external bank account-Yes
Multiple payment methods-Yes
Access to all multiple APM options e.g: Apple Pay and Google Pay-Yes